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Show your creativity in the Soccerella design competition!

Posted by Ashley Brown on

01 November 2015

Soccerella CollectionWith today's launch of the Ella Collection, a casual clothing collection capturing the spirit and passion of women's football, we want your help to shape it's future direction!  Through our Soccerella design competition, we're giving you the opportunity to have your work shown on a t-shirt in the Soccerella store!

Are you a proud footballer, an aspiring fashionista, the master of the rabona, able to see the funnier side of burpees, love sticking it to the boys, woso-crazy, mad for prewrap or just quick on the changing room comebacks?  No matter your inspiration, we want to hear from you!

The Soccerella design competition is a chance to have your work recognised by players across the country!  A quote, phrase, picture, moment - whatever's on your mind, we're looking for your creativity! 

There will be three categories, and the lucky winner in each category will receive:

  • A £30 voucher for the Soccerella store
  • Their t-shirt put into production
  • And of course, a finished version of your design!


The competition will be split into three categories:

  • Age 14 and below (note: Age 13 and below with parental permission)
  • Age 15 and above
  • Pros

Winners will be judged by our panel of Soccerella Ambassadors, including some of the best players from across the UK :)

How to enter?

To enter, please include a first name and age (if 14 or below) and post your design to either of the following sites:

Any format is welcome - whether a design in Photoshop, an iPhone snap of a napkin sketch, a scanned drawing, etc. - creativity is key!

When does the competition close?

Deadline for submissions is Friday the 13th (November 2015) - will it be your lucky day!?  

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced by Wednesday 18th November 2015.

Soccerella is the store dedicated to women's football, with a selection of women's-fit football training gear and accessories for players.  We also supply clubs, so if your club is looking for new women's football kit, including the increasing range of women's-fit shirts and shorts - get in touch at

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